Online Course

Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

Please join us for an interactive learning adventure beginning on September 6th, 2017. It will focus on developing a vision for Terra Nova - a new world where love can be freed from fear. The course will be held by leaders from Tamera, one of the world's most radical societal experiments, and incorporates recorded talks and interviews, core study texts, creative assignments, and online interaction with a global learning community.

Video introduction by the host of the Terra Nova Online Course Martin Winiecki.


Study Units

The course draws on Tamera's decades of radical research experience in the following fields:

Community Building:

Necessary basis for healing love

Free Sexuality and Partnership:

Complementary, not contradictory

Freeing Love from Fear:

The deepest system change

The Healing Biotopes Plan:

A global blueprint for peace

Healing Water & Healing Love:

A new relation to life

Reuniting Religion and Eros:

A new definition of the sacred


Sabine Lichtenfels

Co-Founder of Tamera and the Global Loveschool

Dieter Duhm

Co-Founder of Tamera

Vera Kleinhammes

Coordinator of the Global Campus

Benjamin von Mendelssohn

Co-Founder of the Global Loveschool
& Director of the Grace Foundation

Bernd Mueller

Director of the Global Ecology Institute

Robert Gasse

Co-worker of Tamera

Join Us for Seven Weeks of Interactive Study

6th September to 24th October 2017

Your course fee includes the ebook "Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love" by Dieter Duhm.
The course incorporates videos of interviews from Tamera's Global Love School, inspiring essays, interactive study assignments, spiritual exercises, weekly real-time webinars where you can ask questions, and an online platform to share insights and engage with fellow students.
We hope the course will help you to find or deepen your role in the revolution of love.

Webinars will happen every Tuesday and last for seven weeks, starting 12th of September, 8.30pm WEST (UTC +01:00).
The questions can be sent beforehand. Recordings will be available online for course participants.

Price for the seven weeks: 240€ (~$260 US)


Registration deadline: 6th of September

The Book

Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love
presents a vision for a new global culture – a world without war and violence
in which love is free of lies and life is free of fear.

Arriving in times of severe global crises, Terra Nova envisions a radically positive post-capitalist scenario and a plan for how to get there. This book offers groundbreaking perspectives from research into the potential of a new society and combines them with the findings of contemporary science and spiritual wisdom. Terra Nova describes the vision of a new Earth based on trust.

The author, Dr. Dieter Duhm, is a psychoanalyst and sociologist. He is a pioneering thinker who has dedicated his life to the practice of healing love, building communities of trust and planetary transformation. He developed the Healing Biotopes Plan, a global strategy for a future without war. Dr. Duhm is one of the founders of Tamera, a research center and community focused on the implementation of this global plan.


Duhm lays out a vision for both a transition to the post-capitalist world, and what it could look like. He does this in a non-prescriptive sense. (...) He dives deep into the assemblage point of our collective fears and repressions, the real foundation for neoliberal capitalism.

Alnoor Ladha, executive director of The Rules and board member of Greenpeace International USA

This magnificent visionary book proposes real practical solutions for building a new world. Read it and inspire yourself. Change the world!

Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism

This book describes the revolutionary potential of living for the earth and for humanity in the spirit of love and non violence. This is the ultimate healing. This is the way of human renewal.


It is a latent human dream which wants to be rediscovered here, so beautiful and primal that hardly anyone dares to believe in it. It is the dream of a world without war, in which the great reconciliation has taken place between all those who once stood against each other as enemies, a reconciliation between peoples and religions, between man and woman, between humans and nature.

Produced by Brandon Bell and the Institute for Global Peace Work, Tamera. March 2015.


Tamera Healing Biotope 1 is an experimental model in the Global Healing Biotopes Plan to manifest the Vision of Terra Nova.

Founded in 1995, Tamera is an international community of around 200 people on a site of 330 acres,
a peace research center supporting the emergence of a planetary network for a new sustainable culture.

The project orients itself both in theory and practice along the following guidelines:
  • Realigning the human world with the universal world of life.
  • Non-violent cooperation with all co-creatures. No violence against animals.
  • Restoring nature by creating “Water Retention Landscapes.”
  • Establishing self-sufficiency in water, energy and food based on regenerative design and cooperation with nature.
  • Creating functioning communities based on the ethics of truth, mutual support and responsible participation.
  • Ending the war between the genders and all sexual violence.
  • Truth in love. No deceit in partnerships.
  • No revenge. “Grace” instead of retribution.
Tamera's global peace plan is described in the essay: The Great Plan and its Implementation. For more information, please visit: www.tamera.org

The Solar Test Field:
A Research Model for Energy Autonomy

Grace Pilgrimage:
Walking for Peace in the Middle East

The Global Campus:
Partnering with projects in Crisis Areas


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