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TAMERA Solar Test Field

April 2 2019

Open Technology Month: Towards the FreeLab

May 27 – June 23, 2019

We invite you to get to know Tamera’s technology team and our work.

This year, we want to open our team to work together with an expanded group for the month of June on the issues mentioned below – with the idea of a Freelab in mind.

Our work consists of projects for direct help for the sun-rich areas of this planet that are very often the poorer regions, and also of looking towards technologies aligned with the powers of life: technologies that provide energy through cooperation and resonance rather than by breaking structures. We are in service for a future beyond fossil fuels.

All of our work takes place in an atmosphere of community, directed towards a regenerative future.
There is no peaceful technology without people living peacefully together. Tamera’s Solar Testfield exists to bring together humane technologies, ecology and home for humans into a lived model for the future.

In this open month, we will:

  • Dedicate time to solar cooking: maintaining and upgrading our solar cookers and working closely with the kitchen crew. For a brief report on our time with the solar kitchen last year for a taste of what we anticipate this year, see here
    We would very much like two members of the group to make the solar kitchen their base for being with us for the month: cooking each day and gaining hands-on experience in a working solar and biogas vegan community kitchen.
  • We will also have the Water and Sun project starting up, together with Felix Hediger who will be developing his ideas for water pumping that arise from the question of how water wants to be moved as a living being, considering the thoughts of Viktor Schauberger and others.
    This pump will be driven by an existing beautiful low-temperature Stirling engine developed by Jürgen Kleinwächter and his team, the SunPulse Water. We also want to re-draw this engine with some design tweaks and make it available open-source as a further part of the project. Stirling-loving engine developers and designers welcome.
  • We will invest time and geist into practical astronomy: Although the daily rhythm of society was originally given by the movement of the Earth around the Sun, we have now come to accept the mechanical time of the watch as normal. We will re-enter into this cosmic relationship by building a sundial, looking at how our everyday understanding of time is a standardised compromise to this celestial cycle. We will find an elegant way to mark the summer Solstice in this cycle in Tamera’s landscape. Are you experienced in the art or science of sundials? We’d love to hear from you
  • We recently completed building a 1,8kW solar furnace which reaches temperatures of up to 1000°C. During this month we would like to use this resource, and upgrade it with the addition of a cavity receiver optimised for temperatures towards the high end of this range. Two or three skilled hands-on craftspeople with metalwork/engineering background could work with us here.

If you want to join us for this month in a supportive role, taking care of the Testfield together with members of our maintenance team, please let us know. You would be a skilled all-rounder who loves taking care of material surroundings. We aim to put together a concentrated and competent group of people for this month who are ready to take a creative journey with us.

Aside from this month

  •  We are also updating the documentation of our electrical infrastructure. If someone with knowledge, particularly in the framework of the Portuguese regulations is interested in helping, that would be a great support. Please get in touch can if you can contribute here so that we can already think together about when and how we can do this.
  • We want to align our work to the spirit of Open Source, to make it freely available for all and to co-create with like-minded people worldwide. If you are interested in helping set up a digital platform, get in touch with us so that we can see how you can support us. If your enthusiasm and skill is in in documentation and videography, we’re also looking for support for our publications.

If you are interested, let us know which aspects you find interesting, and where you would like to contribute. Contact: Sonia Chaida solarvillage@tamera.org

Warm welcome,
the Solar Technology Team


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