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July 1 2019
Movement for a Free Earth

An Appeal to the Youth and to All Others


Dear friends of Tamera, dear carriers of a global movement for life,

It's been a long time since so many people took to the streets to raise their voices for system change.Thank you. The movement is now becoming visible.

We would like to send and recommend to you the text "Movement for a Free Earth – An Appeal to the Youth and to All Others," written by Dr.Dieter Duhm, co-founder of Tamera. It's a call to all those involved in social and political movements such as Fridays for Future, and to all those who are working for peace and giving assistance to refugees.
The text sets out a common goal which we can unite all our powers for. When the commitment of the youth and the experience of a still radical and active older generation comes together, we can make a lot of things possible.

Some thoughtlines of the text:

„I am 76 years old and still as politically active today as in the Student Movement of 1968; but with experiences that I have to share, because in the meantime I have come to understand why so far almost all movements have failed.
Today, many thousands of young people are taking to the streets to demand climate protection and system change.Thank you for that!
I can only hope that this movement will gain enough inner strength and endurance to actually lead to a system change. That would really be a historic turning point, because for centuries people have been fighting against exploitation, oppression and violence; and for centuries they have been losing their struggle against the overpowering dominance of the existing system (...)
There is a socialism that is beyond all parties and ideologies: it is the socialism of trust, unity and mutual support. Thoughts of truth and of an engaged form of love that takes a stand for life carry the power we currently need for our collective survival. They lead us to the knowledge that you and all of us need for healing.The goals of a better future can only be achieved if there is a clear vision of what the necessary system change will look like.“


You can read and download the complete text here.

We welcome your feedback. If the text appeals to you as it does to us, then read it to your friends, forward it to circles of activists and send it to all the people you want to work with for systemchange!



In the name of the emerging Healing Biotope 1 Tamera, Portugal
Janni Hentrich und Leila Dregger




Books on the topic


Defend the Sacred. If Life wins, there will be no Losers
This book features  women and men, from all over the world who, despite everything, do not give up. Their contributions testify to a power which is in the hearts of all people. Publisher: The Grace Foundation. Order here
Terra. Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love
The book shows how a morphogenetic field of peace is organized from within, and to what forces it could connect in order to oppose the global forces of violence and so make possible a future without war.
Author: Dieter Duhm. Oder here

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