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April 3 2020

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Corona as a Chance for System Change:

5 Suggestions from Tamera



Dear friends and partners all over the world,


We're living in times in which things are happening we didn't think were possible up until recently. We see the worrying developments towards totalitarian societies. We see the misery, fear and loneliness among the elderly and in disadvantaged social groups and regions of the Earth. But we also see many examples of courage and solidarity. And we experience how nature is taking a deep breath of relief.


What will all this lead to? Will we return to everyday normality in any foreseeable future? Or will we as humanity seize this opportunity for a deep system change? Will we make a fresh start and build a culture aligned with life?


Many friends have asked us what we think about the coronavirus crisis and how we are dealing with it. There are many answers on different levels. In the following, we summarize some of our thought-lines and suggestions for action.
Find the full text here.

As we will not receive guests in the moment, we invite you to join our Online Course “Healing Biotpopes Plan”.


With warm regards
your Tamera Community

Online Course
Online Course: Healing Biotopes Plan –
A Vision for the Healing of Humankind and the Earth (May 11 – May 31)
Healing Biotopes are models that provide solutions for both the outer global crises and the crises of the inner human world. As the world decays into a multilayered crisis, at the moment overshadowed by the corona phenomenon, we want to warmly invite you to study the foundations of a regenerative human culture.
Our introduction video gives an overview of the course. The registration for the Course, you find here.

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