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February 8 2020
In the beginning was the dream – Vision time in Tamera

Dear friends all over the world,

The Aboriginal peoples of Australia say that “in the beginning was the dream.”
And today, quantum physics suggests that we might be, in fact, dreamers in a dream-like reality.

In January, 60 members of our community met for a two-week “vision time,” to collectively see a shared vision for the next 10 years and far beyond: What does creating “Healing Biotopes” mean – faced with impending climate catastrophe, mass species extinction and the refugee crisis, as well as moral and social decline in Western, capitalist societies? In times of universal despair, can we see authentic visions of an intact Earth and humanity?

Together, we learned and practiced to SEE, that everything that exists in external reality has previously existed as vision in an internal reality. A vision is more than a desired fantasy: it is an aspect of reality that just hasn't been manifested yet, which originates from connection with the world's utopian latency.
To put it poetically, vision is the calling of the Earth to our hearts. This is why so many Indigenous cultures cherish ceremonial ways of receiving vision as a sacred act in alliance with divine powers.


We came together very intensively and listened to each other – to the founder generation, to younger generations, and to responsible leaders. The experience was joyful, delightful and a blessing for all of us; the really powerful images of the future are very similar among us all. They inspire us and can unite us as a community in our thoughts, preferences and goals. Based on these results, we're now in the process of precisely formulating the goals and ethical foundations as well as reorienting our leadership structure.

Enjoy this video, that gives a brief insight into the vision time.

Kind regards and good inspiration,

Leila Dregger
for the Tamera community

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